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It’s competition time

competition time stickerThe way we run our competitions is changing… we’re no longer going to be running them through our facebook page, we are bringing them right here to our blog. It gives us a lot more freedom to do what we… Continue reading

Meet the birds

garden bird stickersVanessa, our sticker designer extraordinaire, has been working hard on a new range of garden birds, and with beautiful results. We’re very fond of our little winged visitors in the UK, so what better that a range of stickers featuring… Continue reading

Voucher codes are on the horizon…

alien sticker: out of this worldWe’ve noticed recently that voucher codes in the sticker world (and indeed the online world at large) are becoming increasingly popular. ‘Why don’t The Sticker Factory have voucher codes?’ we hear you say.


Many moons ago when The Sticker… Continue reading

The Monthly Sticker: April 2013

The Monthy Sticker April 2013The end of April is fast approaching and it feels like spring may have finally sprung! Apart from drinking tea in the sunshine there’s been lots going on this month at The Sticker Factory!


In the national press!

We’re… Continue reading

The journey of a sticker

Here at The Sticker Factory we love designing stickers, it’s our passion! We wanted to share with you a bit about what goes into designing a Sticker Factory sticker.


We think very carefully about all of our designs and… Continue reading

Guardian Careers: the original

ghost stickerWe’re a family business, and are very proud to be so. My name’s Ruth and I decided a few years ago that I was going to take over The Sticker Factory when Mum and Dad no longer run it. Guardian… Continue reading

Stamping down prices

Set of smiley mini star stampsWe’re always looking for ways to offer you great products at great prices, so we’re very pleased to tell you that we’ve been able to reduce the cost of some of our stamper sets.


Set of 10 school marking… Continue reading

Sticker Factory badges in The Sunday Times, thank you Chris Packham!

Sticker Factory badges in The Sunday TimesIf you’re a regular reader then you may remember that back in January we met Chris Packham and his poodles Itchy and Scratchy after seeing them outside our offices by the local water meadows. He was very nice and we… Continue reading

The Monthly Sticker: March 2013

The Monthly Sticker March 2013The madness that has been March 2013 is coming to an end (hopefully we’ll get some decent spring weather in April!), so what’s been happening this month at The Sticker Factory?


The Education Show

The 13th-16th March saw us… Continue reading

World Health Day 2013

heart stickerWorld Health Day was set up to mark the the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organisation in 1948. Each year on the 7th April the WHO organises international, regional and local events to raise awareness about a… Continue reading