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The Sticker Factory recognises the importance of three-way communication in encouraging and motivating children, and so optimising their education. Based on more than a decade of experience, we have produced the Kudos and Square Ron ranges of coordinated reward products: ideal tools for the modern classroom to support communication and motivation between pupils, teachers and parents.

We like to keep things fresh and up-to-date, and know that children can really react positively to new rewards within a trusted and well-liked incentive system. We’ve expanded our very popular Square Ron products in line with demand as well as introducing new designs and captions across the range. Look out for the NEW logos over the following pages.

If you can’t see what you’re looking for please call us – and don’t forget that some of our products are customisable to your specific needs.

We operate a keen environmental policy in our product manufacture and sourcing. We use local suppliers wherever possible, review our sourcing options regularly, work hard to minimize our packaging and are proud to say that all of our stickers are printed in the UK.

We all enjoy working at the Sticker Factory. It’s a creative and motivating industry in more ways than one and we’re proud of our products, our staff and our excellence in customer service. Our friendly, helpful staff are here from 9am-5pm every week day and we’re always pleased to assist with any queries you may have. Out of hours ordering is simple too, either via the website or by post using our straightforward order form.

We hope you and those you work with will feel inspired by our products, helping to make both teaching and learning the enriching experience it deserves to be.