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Reward Badges

Reward BadgesBy choosing our reward badges, you can encourage children to work harder, learn more and behave well. Reward badges are a great place to start, but when backed up by other products such as reward charts, individual award certificates or school stickers, will work a whole lot harder for you. Our fully integrated Kudos and Square Ron products give teachers and carers an easy to use and complete reward system which produces the results you need.

A reward system can work particularly well as part of a behaviour management system; and classroom motivation charts encourage teamwork as well as some healthy classroom competition. Our reward system gives children, teachers and carers the crucial opportunity to track progress and reward consistency and application over time. 

Consistency is key when it comes to children, as we all know. Our  reward badges use the same super designs as our school stickers, star charts and award certificates. With a constantly evolving range of products and designs to pick from, your classroom management system will be motivational and fresh whilst still retaining a coordinated identity, inspiring trust and confidence which is beneficial for all involved.Reward Badges