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Personalised BadgesChildren will love receiving our personalised badges. Choose from dozens of great designs, all complementing our Kudos range of motivational products, then add your own message to appear above and below your selected image. The badges are available in a range of sizes and pack sizes - you're sure to find something suitable for your application!

The KUDOS SYSTEM is our very own range of motivational products designed to integrate with each other and offers a comprehensive selection for teaching professionals to mix and match and build the ideal solution for them. 

When implementing behavioural or motivations reward systems, personalised badges from The Sticker Factory are a great place to start. When backed up by reward charts, individual award certificates and other products such as personalised badges, school stickers will work a whole lot harder for you. It's well known understood that using a consistent, positive, and trusted motivation system can encourage your children to work harder, learn more and behave better. Fully coordinated Kudos and Square Ron products from The Sticker Factory give teachers and carers a complete reward system which is easy to use and produces the results you need. We all perform best when someone takes time to praise and encourage us.