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Reward Charts

 Reward Charts and BookmarksReward charts give children, teachers and carers the crucial opportunity to track progress and reward consistency and application over time. Using our individual kids; reward charts can work particularly well as part of a behaviour management system; and classroom motivation charts encourage teamwork as well as some healthy classroom competition. 

The Sticker Factory's range of 10mm reward charts and bookmarks are designed to co-ordinate with our KUDOS range of rewards, we think that these are the best reward charts pads and bookmarks you can get. Your pupils will love them!

Stick our target reward charts labels on the inside of exercise books for a quick and easy way to keep track of pupils target attainments. Ideal for self or teacher assessment. Use with 10mm stickers or 9mm stamperpens. Supplied on A4 sheets with four charts per sheet. Supplied as a pack of 5 sheets.

5 x A3 Classroom Charts with 5 x 720 10mm smiley gold star stickers Each chart has space for 31 pupils and 20 spaces per pupil

Our reward charts badges are an exciting new idea from The Sticker Factory - a 20 point reward system that the pupils wear! Point 1: the pupil receives a badge. Points 2-20, the pupil receives a 10mm sticker to stick on the badge. The pack contains 20 team colour badges, 5 each of blue, green, yellow and red. For suitable stickers to go with this product please see our 10mm sticker selection.Reward Charts Badges

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