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3-in-1 Rubber StampsWith a huge range of rubber stamps, The Sticker Factory should be your only stop. We like to keep things fresh and up-to-date, and know that children can really react positively to new rewards within a trusted and well-liked incentive system.

The Sticker Factory's range of marking rubber stamps are ideal for the busy Teacher or TA and will produce thousands of impressions.

Our 3-in-1 rubber stamps are a high-quality, mess free stamper, unlike any other. Each of the stamper images will give 100,000 impressions before they require re-inking - that's 300,000 impressions per stamper!

 Our modern language stamps are available in a range or languages in including French, Spanish and Welsh.

If you can’t see what you’re looking for please call us – and don’t forget that our customised rubber stamps are a great way of saving time when there's lots of marking to do, particularly as you can create a personal message.