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The Kudos and Square Ron Ranges

The Sticker Factory recognises the importance of three-way communication between teachers, pupils and parents in encouraging and motivating children and so optimising their education. Based on more than a decade of experience we have produced The Kudos System and the Square Ron range of co-ordinated reward products: the ideal tools for the modern classroom to support communication and motivation between pupils, teachers and parents.  

The KUDOS SYSTEM is our original collection of motivation products designed to integrate with each other and offers a comprehensive range for teaching professionals to mix and match and build the ideal solution for them. 

Click here for our Kudos Video


SQUARE RON is our latest collection and also designed to offer a fully co-ordinated system offering square rather than round stickers. They also reflect a fun and bright style appropriate for the educational environment. Unique to SQUARE RON is a ring binder filing system to enable you to keep your stickers in an user-friendly manner. You will never have to scrabble about through sheets of stickers looking for the right one again!